Encounter logical fallacies go with the consultant Job, some of these fallacies, however, can compromise the stability of the team and in other cases make its product foundation trembles like Jello. It’s important you’re familiar with those so you can spot them when they occur.

This time I’ll use some real-world examples I’ve heard on my job and I’ll also borrow the satirical lens of one of my favorite animated series to show how some of these fallacies might look like.

Ad hominem

Ad hominem is Latin for “against the man”. Ad hominem occurs when someone rejects, criticizes, or disqualifies a person’s…

I remember the first time I compiled something. It was the late 90’s when my dad helped me to code my first hello world program written in Visual Fox Pro. Ever since I’ve been fascinated with technology and programming languages in general. You’ll see, I find the same joy in programming languages just like a polyglot find joy learning spoken languages.

As of today, there are over 700 programming languages in the world. Amazing, right?. Having so of them one could not help but to ask itself where to start and which one to choose, especially but not limited to…

Oscar Nevarez

Dad, Passionate about Code, Agile Advocate, Human.

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